The Truck Project

Theater. In trucks.

Applying ingenuity to 24 feet of empty space, each show transforms the back of a truck into an immersive and intimate performance environment.

Current Shows


A double bill of short plays
by Jean Ann Douglass and Eric John Meyer

Now running through June 29

Somewhere in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Exact coordinates delivered the day of each performance to ticket holders only

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FISH is the story of Harvey the therapy fish.
It is also the story of a newlywed couple Harvey is charged with helping.
Harvey is wise. Harvey is caring. Harvey eats dandruff.
And he holds many secrets.

In our free* seminar, OBFUSCATION, you will learn the secret to words that work
and phrases that do your bidding.
The word Obfuscation may be defined as the act of obscuring or confusing
--but do words really mean anything, ever?

*Obfuscation seminar is free with price of ticket.

What the what?